Monday, October 27, 2008

One of the many benifits to losing weight

I have just this past weekend experienced just one of the many benefits to losing weight and endeavoring to live a healthier lifestyle.

I have been horribly under insured as far as life insurance is concerned for many years.  During the years I occasionally looked into fixing this issue, but I was terribly disappointed and discouraged at the rates because of my weight alone, not to mention my sedentary lifestyle.  Each time I put this on the back burner saying that I would take care of it when I lost some weight.

Well, the time has come.  I told myself and my wife that once I hit my weight loss goal and kept it off for some time I would get my life insurance in order and make sure she and the kids were taken care of.  A couple months ago I started this process and just this past weekend I received the paperwork saying that the underwriting was completed and all I needed to do was send a check.

Now, here is the WHOOOOO HOOOOO! part.  I was underwritten at the best possible rate.  My changes in lifestyle and weight loss have paid off in saved premiums.... just one more of the many benefits to a healthier lifestyle.

Tim Wilson -

Monday, October 13, 2008

The ups and downs

I have stopped posting my weekly weigh in and measurement reports, mainly because it is getting discouraging. I know that is part of the motivation behind it, but it is causing me to really hate keeping up this blog. I think this blog still serves an important role so I don't want to get a bad attitude towards it.

As you are aware if you have been reading for any time, I broke my collar bone four months ago running a race and have been able to do very little physical activity since. If you are unaware or are new to my blog, more information can be found on my running blog at I am starting to get back into the running a little bit, but it is very uncomfortable still at this time.

One thing I have noticed, and is probably the biggest reason I have gained the 5 lbs over this past four months of inactivity, is that when I am not as active on a daily basis, I tend not to crave the same foods, but tend to crave the fattier foods and the foods that are generally not as good for you. Fruit has become less appealing, although I still enjoy it. It has just been easier to make bad choices and to continue to eat when I know my body has had enough.

I am not sure all the reasons behind this, but it is very real. I am trying to figure out what I can do to turn this around because I still have two more months before the surgery to remove the pin.

I hope to still actively post on this blog, but just will not be posting my weekly weigh in and measurements..... which most of you don't care about anyway :)

Until next time......

Tim Wilson -