Thursday, June 5, 2008

Weightloss - Stress - Sleep

So many times you hear how stress and sleep can really cause problems with weightloss. I found this to be especially true over the past 18 months along my journey. I would find that when I would have higher levels of stress I would tend to have trouble sleeping. Both the stress and lack of good sleep would mysteriously cause the weightloss to slow or completely stop.

What are some ways that you deal with stress or trouble sleeping? I find reading will always put me to sleep, however that is not always a good sleep. Soothing music can also help, but there are always distractions and it is hard to find good soothing music. What about stress, how do you deal with stress? I find that avoidance of stress is always the best way to deal with stress, but that is not always the way I handle it. I get myself into situations that cause undo stress all too often.

I find that if I am going to use music to sooth the stress or help me fall into a better sleep, I need that music to be mindless and not distracting. So much of the music out there can be distracting, which ends up doing just the opposite of what you are trying to set out to do.

Amazingly enough, I came across this software called Pzizz, that is designed to help you relax, take naps to re-energize yourself, and to get a better nights sleep. The software has a speaking voice that walks you through some relaxing techniques. I personally don't care for this part of the software as it is more distracting to me, but I know this works for some people. The thing I like about the software is that I can turn this portion way down, or completely off if it is distracting at all. As I first started to play around with the software it almost put me to sleep while I was still trying to work, my wife was sitting beside me as well working on the computer and it was making her eyes heavy as well. I guess it works!

Here is a good video about it:

Have you thought about your weightloss and how it is being affected by stress you are not dealing with? How is your lack of sleep or lack of good sleep affecting your weightloss? Soothing music or the software above is just one option in dealing with these issues. If soothing music is not your thing, I suggest that you do something to deal with the sleeplessness or stress, as it is affecting your weightloss in ways that you may not even be aware of.

Tim Wilson


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  2. Hi Tim,

    I just came across your 26.2 miles blog and your weight loss blog. At the moment I am still too obese to actually run (I am just over 300 lbs) but am trying to build up my power walking so that when I get to a weight that my spine finds easier to support (approx 250 lbs, although 200 lbs would be nice!) I can start jogging.

    As for stress + sleep, I have found this definitely to be the case. The days when I end up stressed and overworked at work and staying up late at home to fit in all the other things (and the blog) can lead to sleeplessness.

    Defintely a nice relaxing book and soothing music (my choice is Neil Diamond but each to his or her own!).

    Best wishes,


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