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A&E's Heavy - Rickywayne and Jessica

The second episode of Heavy featuring Rickywayne who started out at 555 lbs and 28 year old Jessica will be airing tomorrow night on A&E at 10/9 central and is another must see episode.  Tomorrow night there is a special feature immediately following the playing of this episode that you will not want to miss.  More information about the live "Fanchat" can be found at the bottom of this post.

Rickywayne who is only 35 and already weighing in at well over 500 lbs blames himself for his mom's death and continued his obsession and dependence on food to help deal with the issues he was avoiding rather then dealing with them.  Though his issues with food were magnified during this time, they actually started when he was in fifth grade.  He got very creative coming up with ways to get more food like eating his bagged lunch on his way to school leaving open the option to get another lunch when the time came.

Jessica is at a time in life where the weight was just an additional struggle that she just didn't have the time or energy for.  At just 28 years old and 288 lbs with a husband and kids she is at the time of life that she would much rather be playing with her kids, something she just doesn't have the energy for.  Jessica, who has always been known as the fat girl, was taught as a child to always clean her plate which helped to lead to her issues with how to deal with food.

As in the previous episode they both started the first 30 days in the controlled environment.  Both of them had issues with swimming that they hoped to get over by the time their 30 days were up, but that didn't keep them from eventually excelling in different areas.

When the weight wasn't coming off for Jessica as fast as she wanted it to we see a lot of emotions come to the surface.  Rickywayne who was having a lot of success with dropping weight had other areas that were causing him issues.  Rickywayne was having difficulty making wise choices with what to eat, something that he still needed to learn more about

Tune in on Monday night on A&E at 10/9 central to see how they both overcome the struggles that put them in the place they were in at the beginning of the show.  Rickywayne, whose bucket list includes starting a family and running a marathon someday, said it best when he said "I have an addiction, I will have it all of my life"

Another very cool opportunity we have coming up tomorrow night is a Fanchat and Live video Q&A hosted by A&E .  During the showing of the second episode fans can log onto the A&E Heavy Website or the Heavy Facebook Fanpage and chat with other fans, then immediately following the episode join Rickywayne McCartney and Jessica Murphy, along with expert trainers Britny Fowler and David Richardson who will appear live along with the series Executive Producer Jonathan Nowzaradan via streaming video for a Q&A session.

I am attending and you can attend too, just RSVP here on the Facebook Fanpage and here are the live links to view the Livestream on Facebook or on

*full disclosure - I was provided with a pre-screening of tomorrow's episode for this review.

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