Friday, February 18, 2011

Fit People Know Monday is Never Coming

Narcotics are the scourge of the poverty class.  Alcohol is a killer of the working class.  Self-delusion is the addiction of the middle class.  While fat people delude themselves into believing they can continue starting over on Monday and eventually succeed, critical thinkers recognize this common psychological trap.  The core belief is, “I can eat the same and get different results.”

Fit people force themselves to grow up emotionally and take control of their minds and bodies.  A fat person on a diet who is only semi-committed to success is no different than a school kid who refuses to concentrate on his or her homework, or a child who goes kicking and screaming at the first sign of having to exert self-control.

Uncommitted dieters will use every self-deluding tool in the book to justify their lack of discipline and self-control.  With the majority of the media and advertisers supporting their belief that diets don’t work, they feel vindicated and go right back to eating like a fat person.  Critical thinkers know that saying diets don’t work is like saying exercise doesn’t work.  It’s a ridiculous claim that’s perpetuated for the purpose of manipulating the masses to buy the latest pill, potion or wonder drug that will make them thin and healthy.

So the masses feel comfortable while they eat themselves into an early grave, and the producers of the cure-alls laugh all the way to the bank.  It’s pathetic and borderline criminal.  The fact is, we are all responsible for our own decisions, mindsets, and even our diet and exercise programs.

If the masses are foolish enough to believe every advertiser has their best interest at heart, they’re going to be manipulated their entire lives. Critical thinkers take full responsibility for their results, and rarely believe profit driven claims that make the difficult appear easy.  Starting over (again) on Monday is an endless loop that keeps people fat forever.  Monday is never coming.  Today is the day to start down the road to better health and fitness.

Steve Siebold is one of the world’s most noted experts in the field of mental toughness training, and founder of the program, a free 21 day online mental toughness program for dieters.  Visit

The above was a contributed article that I found interesting enough to post.  I posted exactly what was sent to me without any changes.  I don't typically do this, but will on occasion.

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