Saturday, April 12, 2008

I AM NORMAL..... at least today!

Today is the first time I have seen this on the scale. I actually woke up this morning to a scale that said 170.0. That is the first time I remember seeing that ever. I am sure I was around that back in high school, but how many of us actually weighed ourselves in high school?

So, this is not an official weight for me, because my official weight is an average based on my Physics Diet logging, but it was very cool to see this today. The reason I say I am normal is because according to the Governments BMI (see my weekly weigh in posts for an explanation) I officially move from Overweight to Normal when I hit 170 lbs. Whooooooo Hooooooo!!!!

I am sure it will bounce back up a couple pounds over the next day or two because I was sick yesterday and didn't eat much of anything. My body was kinda going through some unhappy times because of some food poisoning I (and two other family members) got from some Turkey we got from the grocery store deli on Thursday. I am starting to bounce back this morning, but yesterday was not a fun day.


  1. That is huge Tim. Congratulations.

    I got all excited when I hit overweight. I can't imagine the feelings when I hit normal.

    It may disappear for a few weeks after you recover from the food poisoning but the fact remains you are extremely close and you have seen it!

  2. Congrats! Like Andrew, I was thrilled to hit overweight as I had started as "morbidly obese".

    It's going to be wild to hit "normal" but I'm looking forward to the day!

    You rock!

  3. Thanks Andrew and William, it was wonderful to hit overweight too, but this is really cool. I have maintained the 170 so far, hopefully it will stick!

    I am feeling completely better now as well, and back to running.

    Thanks for stopping by!


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