Thursday, April 10, 2008

My scale is moving.....

Over the past couple days my scale seems to be doing something that it has not done over the past couple months. It is starting to move. I have been holding steading but have not really been dropping like I want to to take off those last 15 pesky pounds.

I hear many people tell me I don't need to lose anymore, but I still have a little bit of a pudgy belly that I am determined to take into my past and not in my present or future. I am feeling really good and I know I am healthy and fit, but just not quite where I want to be yet.

I started to count calories again, but have quit once again. I had forgotten how much of a pain it was. I did benefit from it again though, and I think through the counting I once again got an understanding to what I am doing wrong. I believe that it is completely eating too much when I sit down and not stopping when I am full and have had enough. I have started to make this change.... and as anyone would know, it is not an easy change. I have to get back in control or this will not be a long term change. I am not gaining, so that is good, but this is a good wake up call to make sure I keep my health and weight in check and not relapse.


  1. Congrats on getting things moving again. It must have been rather frustrating when they weren't.

  2. Andrew - thanks for the congrats! It can be very frustrating, but it looks like it is on the move again.


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