Thursday, August 7, 2008

And the winner is.......

Thank you all for stopping by my blog and checking out my post Super Size Me - The Movie - Win a free download!.

For those of you that were already readers, thank you for your continued readership, and for those of you that just found my blog in the last few days with this contest welcome!

If you have not yet subscribed to my feed, I would greatly appreciate your subscription. You can either subscribe by RSS, or by E-mail.

If you have not read my story of where I started, you can learn a lot about me by doing so here, you can also learn more about me by heading over and checking out my running blog, 26.2 Quest.

Now, on to the winner. It was a tough job tabulating all the entries, and I think I really gave a run for it's money with all the entries. I hope I don't get a nasty e-mail from them for using so much CPU Time to get the results. :)

The numbers were fed in and the results returned cyberpenguin as the winner. Congrats!

cyberpenguin, please send me a DM on Twitter, or you can send me an e-mail to with your iTunes e-mail address. Once I receive this I will provide this to the sponsor so they can gift you the free movie.

Thanks again all for stopping by and participating, stay tuned for more excitement!

Tim Wilson -


  1. Congratulations cyberpenquin. You worked hard for that win. You should be proud.

  2. I didn't win :-( What will I do to drown my sorrows? I know ... eat ... a lot ... double portions ... bring it on ... Just joking :-) Many congratulations CP.

  3. Wow, thanks Tim. so much! Who-hooooo!!! I'm absolutely thrilled!

    And thank you, dpeach & gordon for the congrats.

    Tim, this is such a great idea, that I'm thinking about sharing the love & running a contest at my blog at some point in the future too. (Hmmm, got to think of a prize as cool as Tim's. ;-) )

    Will of course post about it when the time comes.

    Thanks again, Tim!!!!!


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