Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The day after today

Tomorrow is the day where all things will change again.  I have not been doing as well as I should be these past few months, and especially these past few weeks.  I have put on more weight than I should have, even with the excuse of not being able to do too much running or lifting etc due to my injury.

I will post my weight on my chart below in the next day or two and then we will all together start the downward trending once again.

I have determined that I will once again slow down on the diet sodas.  I will not go into a bunch of the reasons, but I think drinking them the way I have has been detrimental to keeping my diet where it should be.  I will also start to drink more water once again, and will start watching what I eat as well as how much I eat.

I have not let myself go, but am not happy with my lazy attitude lately.

If you are reading this, how about we do this together.  Let me know what your goals are and we will keep each other accountable.

Tim Wilson -


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