Sunday, March 9, 2008

Getting Discouraged

I am not sure what is going on with my body. I am getting really discouraged about this. I am now gaining about a pound a week and will probably have to post another pound gain tomorrow. That is my average, so my average is going up which means I am really going up.

I would like to think that it is muscle, but I don't think I have been doing enough to build muscle so I am not sure what is causing it. I haven't been eating perfect because of the schedule we have been holding these past few weeks, but I have not been eating bad either.

Here on the right is what my Physics Diet shows for the past month. (Thanks Alex for telling me how to do this!)

I am hoping this will start to turn this week, but I was hoping the same last week. :(


  1. Maybe your body has hit a point where it needs to stabilise a bit for a while. Just keep doing the right things and it will sort itself out.

    It's always hard and it's even harder when the scales are not going the right way. I guess the key is to just keep plugging away. One day at a time.

  2. How has your calorie intake been? I have found that when work is crazy a lot of times I'm snacking at my desk and I don't realize how much food I'm inhaling unless I am writing it down and counting the calories.

    Another thought - since you ran three days in a row this week, your body may be craving for more fuel and perhaps you are overfueling? Or underfueling (as you mentioned that your runs are not feeling great...maybe you don't have enough "fuel in the tank") which I believe would contribute to your metabolism slowing down a bit.

    Anyhow, I also have hit a wall in weight loss - it started once my weekly running mileage got over 25 miles/week. I first started to feel a bit lethargic and so I boosted my calories up a bit - net calories (food calories minus exercise calories on a daily basis) are now 12 calories per pound of body weight. I felt much better and my weight has pretty much stayed constant (gained 1 pound in three weeks...which may just be normal weight variation - we'll see how it continues to go).

    I have just come to the realization that I'm probably not going to lose weight while training for a marathon since I want to ensure my body has enough fuel to burn. After the marathon on May 4, I'll get back to losing the additional 7-10 pounds that I wanted to lose.


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