Monday, March 10, 2008

Monday Morning Stats - 3-10-08

Last weeks stats

This weeks stats:

Scale: 178.0
Average: 177*
Last Week Average: 176
Gain: 1

Waist: 35
Stomach: 36
Chest: 39

Body Fat Measurement:
Caliper: 16.8***
BMI: 25.8 ****

*According to rounded up - my official weight.

**This is really the first time I have taken these measurements and written them down. The trending may be crazy at first until I get consistent.

***This is the first time I have logged this, and I am not sure how accurate I am with my measurements. I am following all the instructions, but this seems low.

****According to the official BMI calculations and this BMI Calculator.


  1. Congrats on the loss, Tim. I'm glad I found you blog on BlogCatalog, I too started my weightloss journey around NEw Year 2007. Only I started near 400 lbs. As of last week's weigh-in, I have lost 84 lbs!

    I have put you in my Reader and I'm looking forward to following you in your marathon goal.

    also, check out the mens' diet blog I administer

    Hope to see you around... John

  2. Tim, what you are doing is truly wonderful and I don't think you realise just what a huge accomplishment you are attaining.

    Give yourself a huge pat on the back....reach for the stars Tim, you can and will reach have so many people who believe in YOU!


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