Sunday, March 16, 2008

To Count Or Not To Count - Part 2

I wrote about this back in January when I stopped counting calories after counting for 8 months. What seemed like the wise decision at the time has made me think along the way. I am glad I stopped as it made my life easier, however I find myself now rethinking this decision.

I have been gaining ever so slightly over the past 30 days and have been getting frustrated. I have not been gaining in body fat according to the caliper, but the pounds have been sneaking up on me anyway. Some say this may be muscle, but I don't think I have been working out enough to say that I have gained this much muscle.

I made the decision yesterday that I needed to at least rule out the possibility of me not being as careful when it comes to eating. I started counting yesterday again. Yesterday wasn't the best day to start since I was prepping for a 10k Run today, but I had to start somewhere. I will not be counting indefinitely, but may need to visit it off and on just to keep myself honest.

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  1. I don't count every day but when things start to stall I start counting again just to check that I'm still on track. Often I find that I've allowed little things to creep in which I probably shouldn't have.


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