Thursday, July 3, 2008

Losing Muscle Weight?

I am now almost 3 weeks into my hiatus from running and weight lifting due to my recent running injury. I fully expected to have my weight loss completely halt if not start to creep up a little bit as I adjusted my food intake to counteract my lack of exercise. The complete opposite is what is actually taking place. I have started to lose at a little faster pace than I was currently.

Over the past almost 3 weeks I have lost almost 3 pounds. I am feeling good and the injury is feeling a little better every day. The question is: am I actually losing fat, or am I just quickly losing muscle weight because of the lack of activity over the past few weeks.

I am sure once I start running again it will not take long to see if what I was losing was muscle or fat, so until that time I guess I will just continue to do what I am currently doing.

Tim Wilson -

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  1. Interesting, wouldn't have guessed that the weight loss would continue. Hope the injury continues to heal quickly. Have fun walking Peachtree tomorrow!


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