Monday, July 7, 2008

Monday Morning Stats - 7-07-08

Last weeks stats

This weeks stats:

Scale: 163.2
Last Week Low: 162.0
Last Week High: 164.0
Average: 164*
Last Average (two weeks ago): 167
Loss: 3

Waist: -
Stomach: -
Chest: -

I will not be doing these above measurements for a few weeks. I cannot use both arms so this is not going to be possible. A few weekends ago I was tripped and fell during a 5k road race and broke my collar bone. More information is available on my other blog.

Body Fat Measurement:
Caliper: 14.8
BMI: 24.2 **

*According to rounded up - my official weight.

**According to the official BMI calculations and this BMI Calculator.

Tim Wilson -

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