Friday, July 25, 2008

Vacation Eating

We were on vacation last week and had a wonderful time together as a family. Our vacation was taken in two parts, one just south of the Georgia line, and one just north of the Georgia line. The way we split our vacation meant that mid-way through the week we stopped by home and unpacked and repacked. This layover gave me a chance to weigh in to see how the week was treating me.

Before leaving for vacation I had hit a new low in my weight loss and for the first time hit the scale below 160 lbs, 159.2 to be exact :) I knew that during my vacation I was not going to be as careful so I knew that I wouldn't continue a weight loss during that time. My average weight before leaving for vacation was 163 lbs which I was very pleased with.

During the camping part of our vacation we ate pretty good. I did eat a couple smores, but you just gotta do that while camping. During our layover I weighed in and hit the scales at 161 right in the range I was in before vacation started.

The second part of our vacation then took a turn for the worse. I won't go into details but I didn't eat what, when, or how I should have. Fast food, too much, and just an all around messed up eating environment did not make my body happy. When returning home as you can imagine I was curious what the scale would say. I jumped on the scale on Monday morning following our vacation to be welcomed by 166 on the scale. I wasn't upset as I knew how I had eaten, I was just curious to see how long it would take my body to get back to the pre-vacation weight.

I was hoping that this was just a spike because of the previous 4 days of eating and not an actual weight gain, which over the next few days proved to be true. It is just once more proof that occasional poor eating will not ruin your diet, it is a lifestyle. Since this was just a 3-4 day hiatus it didn't affect my overall weight loss goals and journey, the key was getting back at it as soon as I returned...... however we still have a little bit of fudge I need to finish :)

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