Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Free Breakfast is Not Really Free

I like to joke about the fact that if it is free the calories don't count. If only that was true. I have read many things over the years about steering free of free food. Free food is usually not the most healthy foods. If we think about the free foods we see so often I am sure you will all agree with me.... donuts, muffins, candy, chocolate, brownies, cookies..... you get the picture.

The other time we so often see free food is those wonderful lunches on the company. Now, you tell me, do you always order the salad, or the most healthy option on the menu? Sometimes? Maybe.... but all the time? Nope..... me either. Many times when free food is offered to a group of people what is it? Yup.... everyones favorite.... Pizza.

Today got me thinking about this when I went to an offsite training class for work. I had breakfast before leaving home, and of course when I arrived at the training facility there was Free Breakfast. I tried to resist, but I needed something to go with my coffee - yes I too am good at justifying it.... sadly!

I won't even mention the afternoon cookie break......

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  1. I was intrigued by your comment on the free cookies. I like 'em too! Too much.

    Do organizations put out their dainties because they secretly feel that is all we really think of ourselves? I hope not!

    It really is amazing how those who avoid these dainties become the target of all kinds of sales tactics and/or intimidation if they choose not to eat them.

    Sigh! Is there a higher way - such as being so "in" to the main activity at hand, (not the dainties), that we hardly even see that table.

    Do I always practice that? No! Do I want to learn how to do that more, Absolutely!


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