Saturday, February 21, 2009

Good things to eat

I am always on the lookout for new things to try and new things to eat.  Over the past two years along my journey I have done a lot of searching and have tried a lot of new things.  I still have some types of foods that I really just cannot bring myself to eat.... no matter how healthy, but some things I have never eaten before has now become some of my favorites.

One of the things that I would never touch before is Egg Rolls.  I know, with the crispy egg roll wrapper they are not on the list of most healthy things to eat, but they are better than a lot of things.... and if you have read much of my blog you will see I am a big fan of eating what I want, just trying to be careful with really bad stuff and too much of anything.

Convenience is the other thing that is hard to get when you are trying to eat healthy.  I have found this to be oh so true over the past couple years.

Now, let me tell you about something really good.... and yes, they are Egg Rolls.  Since starting my journey the frozen section of the market has not been one of the high traffic areas for us. There is just oh so much that is horrible for you in that section.

I was given the opportunity to try some frozen Egg Rolls by Kahiki.  Like I said above, I like Egg Rolls now, but wasn't too sure of the fact that they were frozen.  They are only between 70 and 100 calories for each Egg Roll, and are very tasty if I do say so myself.  We tried all three varieties, the vegitable, chicken, and pork and shrimp.  The outside of the Egg Roll stays very crispy when they are microwaved, and they taste really good.  My wife and I both enjoyed these, however she said she really didn't care for the sauce that comes packaged with it.  I am not a sauce person so I really can't tell you.  My opinion is if the food is good enough by itself why do you need sauce?

I did some looking around and it looks like you can purchase these Kahiki Egg Rolls at any of your local grocery stores.  They also have other items as well like fried rice and other main dishes.  I may just have to give those a shot as well.

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