Monday, February 16, 2009

Need more consistency

I am still struggling with consistency in getting back to the groove that I had before the injury. At that time it was simply a way of life and everything was going good. I was consistently losing weight even though it was slow because I was close to where I needed to be.

Through the lack of running and other exercise during the time I was healing I progressively lost focus on how I was eating. I never lost focus of the bigger goal, but I lost focus on the day to day goals. I am totally convinced more now than ever before that good eating habits and exercise go hand in hand. I am sure I have said this before, but I will say it again. I instinctively want to eat better, and it is easier to eat better when I am physically active.

All that being said, it has been quite difficult for me to get back at being consistent. My life is a bit more hectic and my stress levels are a lot higher at work and at home then they were the first time I took on this endeavor. I am starting to run quite a bit more, but am still nervous about too much weight lifting because the collar bone is not yet 100% healed.

I have been eating better, but have had more occasions where I simply blow it. I am still trying to figure out if these times that I blow it are more because I am not back in the groove or because of stress.

Are you a stress eater? I haven't previously considered myself a stress eater.... but I am starting to wonder.......

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  1. I have a very difficult time with stress eating, especially if I don't get enough exercise. It's a constant mental game - don't let it get the better of you!

  2. I am a stressful eater! I think it is related to how people view you. My victory in the struggle gives them hope. How do I know? Tim, you are one Great Example!,


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