Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hanging Skin - when will it go away?

I know this can be very disgusting, and I am sorry for that. (I will also spare you the pictures) Since I have lost the 80 lbs, and since I am still losing fat even though not as much weight, I have skin hanging in areas of my body. Some of this is obviously in my belly, but also in most areas of my body including my face, legs, etc.

I am trying to do the caliper test and it shows that my body fat is lower than what the official BMI measurements say, but the hanging skin always makes me feel like I am still quite a bit overweight. I still have a belly, although it seems to get slimmer each week.

What I am wondering is.... when will this start to subside? When does it start to tighten up? I have read that it takes some time, but I don't know if what I am experiencing is still fat, or just hanging skin. I have also read that drinking a lot of water helps, and I think I am drinking plenty of water to do this.

I am trying to do some research on this and see if what I am experiencing is normal and expected, or if there is more I can do about it.

Any thoughts or links would be welcome.


  1. Tim, I have no ideas about how to tighten up the skin, but I d want to say: "WHAT AN AWESOME JOB". You have made a tremendous accomplishment.

    I read in your earlier blog also that you are a bit discouraged because the scale is not moving as quickly as before. I too had that problem and discouragement when I lost 40 lbs a could of years and seemed to plateau. You may have to changed up a few routines to get the weight loss in gear again.

    Again, congrats on such an awesome job thus far and keep looking ahead, you WILL make it.


  2. Robert,

    Thanks! My journey is not yet done, I have a little ways to go yet, but I am getting there. I have changed a few things up, and even increased my running as I am getting ready for my half. I am still losing, just slower, but I am getting closer to the goal so it will take longer.

    Thanks again!



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