Friday, January 18, 2008

Some Recent Encouragement

I have been encouraged recently by my weight. Just like mentioned before I do have the daily fluctuations but I also have been able to start to notice trends, and the recent trend is that I am still moving downward at a better rate than I was over the past couple months. You could say it is because of the holidays, but it started before the holidays. Now when I say better rate, I am not talking much over a 1 lb a week rate, but that is better than what was happening over the past two months.

You can see here on the left what it looked like for the month of November - only a .36 lb average weekly loss all month. Plus you can see the jumping all over the place.

Now on the right you can see in the past 30 days a .81 lb average weekly loss, which is up to 1.1 if I only consider this last week alone.

I am moving in the right direction! I have also seen some new low end spikes which are always nice. My latest lowest spike was this morning at 175.8. You can see my progress live by clicking here.


  1. Hey Tim thanks for stopping by my blog.

    Looks like you've been busy. You look great. Keep up the excellent progress.

  2. Yea, It has been a busy year. It just seems to keep getting busier which is crazy... but I am lovin it!

    Thanks for stopping by!


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